Manchester Public Library

I can hardly conceive of a more judicious outlay of money than that which you may come to the conclusion to expend is sustaining a free Public Library and Reading Room, which shall be open to all, subject to good and wholesome restraints.

Frederick Smyth, Mayor of the City of Manchester, March 21, 1854

Here we present a fragment of a trailer for our video on the library. The images are period photographs, personal photographs, and current images of the library. The words read in the audio track are a tiny sample of the lovely prose of the architect of the building, a Senator, the governor, the mayor, and a local cleric noted for his oratory. All the words are available in Carpenter Memorial Library: The Gift of Frank P. Carpenter to the City of Manchester, New Hampshire – A Memorial to His Wife, Elenora Blood Carpenter. Check OCLC WorldCat and for loan or purchase information.

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